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Community Impact

This year PSFC will begin its 52nd year of service to the residents of Monroe county who live in poverty.  The impact of our agency throughout the county continues to grow as we reach more children and families and expand our programs/services.
On June 24, 2016, PSFC purchased the former Coolbaugh Elementary School in the PMSD to develop a Collective Impact Approach to community development in the Coolbaugh community, the most under-served area of Monroe County.   Two months later, we opened this 92,000sqft facility to begin our new program year with 160 Head Start students and 16 non-profit and community agencies working together to serve our neighbors with measurable results and a significant impact on their quality of life.   In the years to come, we will graduate 85-125 “school ready” children into the PMSD kindergarten classrooms – children whom historically would not have been prepared.   This number will represent over 20% of the entire district kindergarten enrollment, and will significantly increase the number of district children scoring proficient in  reading, math and science at 3rd grade, and increase the number of students successfully graduating from High School into work, career and further educational opportunities.
Our success is seen in the lives of our children and the positive affects we have on our families every day. Each of our staff plays a critical role in our achievements.
As we grow, the community at large also benefits. Research shows that for every 10 jobs that are created in the early education sector, three more jobs are created outside that sector in Pennsylvania. And for every dollar that Pennsylvania invests in early childhood programs, more than two dollars is circulated throughout our local economies through employment and purchasing of goods and services.
We could not achieve our goals without the support of the community, and our many partnerships are critical to our success. Involvement from businesses, organizations and volunteers is invaluable to our agency. All contributions of time, talent and treasure are appreciated, from reading in classrooms to donating school supplies or holiday gifts. We thank our partners for their support throughout the year.
Some of our recent reports are available for perusal by clicking the publication section of our website (link at right).

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