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New Beginnings - a Cancer Wellness Program

This YMCA Cancer Program will promote the importance of physical activity after a cancer diagnosis. This program will meet two times a week in a safe, supportive environment for people affected by cancer to participate in physical and social activities that strengthen the whole person.

Classes will be led by a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist specifically trained to treat the range of conditions common to those undergoing cancer treatment.

The YMCA proposes to support the growing number of cancer survivors who are in the transitional period between completing their treatment and feeling physically and emotionally strong enough to resume their lives.

The program is designed to:

  • Benefit all cancer survivors from time of diagnosis on through survivorship
  • Reduce the number and severity of side effects resulting from cancer and treatment
  • Regain flexibility and range of motion to sites post radiation and surgery
  • Address muscular imbalances resulting from cancer treatments
  • Develop, maintain or regain muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance
  • Refocus energy from "illness" to "wellness"

What to expect:

  • An initial fitness assessment, which includes a heath history review, postural, range of motion and lymphedema assessments
  • An interest profile, to learn the forms of activities the patient is interested in
  • A stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular program tailored to the patient
  • A dedicated professional staff to help you meet your goals

“I am looking forward to this program at the Y,” says Pat Zaso, YMCA Fitness Coordinator, “where we are dedicated to a personalized approach to wellness, emphasizing that the program is about health, not disease.”


First session begins October 18. Tuesdays & Thursdays; 1pm - 2pm

Fee: $50 per participant

Includes: Y membership, classes and materials.


Contact Pat Zaso at patzaso@gmail.com for more information - registration is available at the Welcome Desk as well.