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Art, Music & More

Winter 1 = W1     1/2-2/25;     Winter 2 = W2     2/26-4/22;     Spring = S           4/23-6/17
FEES: Members=M; Program members=PM; Non-members-NM


Art Class: W1, W2, S

Ages: 7 - 11

This fun and creative class allows students to explore the world of art and sent home with frame-worthy pictures with educational value.

Day/Time: Wednesdays; 6:00pm                           

Location: Pocono Family YMCA                      

Fees: M-$50, PM-$75, NM-$100


Art Workshop: W1, W2

Ages: 12 –17

Teens explore the world of art and bring home display-worthy pieces. 

Day/Time: TBD

Location: Pocono Family YMCA                     

Fees: M-$50, PM-$75, NM-$100


Drama : W1, W2

Ages: 5 - 12

For ones who want to explore their own creativity, through theatre games, music and "make believe". Character building and self confidence through natural ability are a key fundamental aspect of this class.

Day/Time: Thursdays; 6:00pm

Location: Pocono Family YMCA

Fees: M-$50, PM-$75, NM-$100